AT-229: Advanced Robotics Lab

The objectives of the GCC engineering program and Robotics Lab are threefold:
  • Spread science and engineering knowledge to the masses, to improve overall scientific intelligence of the student population,
  • Provide engineering students a challenging curriculum to prepare them for further engineering studies, and immerse them into projects which will give them an experiential advantage over their peers,
  • Cross pollinate engineering knowledge with other fields such as manufacturing, biology, art, and business in order to give engineering students a broader experience base, and to give students in other fields an opportunity to understand the basis of engineering design and how it will apply to projects they work on in this modern world.
Lab facilities
The Robotics Lab is a newly developed interactive lab space, funded by the GAUSS grant, to provide the Engineering Department and GCC with an invaluable resource.  The lab is outfitted with a wide array of cutting edge tools and equipment.  Facilities and equipment are maintained through grant and commercial funding.
  •  mechanical hand tools and supplies
  •  electronic test/prototype equipment
  •  ground vehicle test space
  •  dual presentation monitors (1 interactive touch screen)
  •  10 Design workstations with CAD/CAM/FEA and electronic design/analysis
  •  2 Fdm and 1 polyjet 3d printers
  •  locked and access controlled
  •  machine and welding shop next door w/ metrology
Lab Access
The Robotics Lab is meant to be used by students to work on a variety of engineering projects.  Open lab hours are held to support students outside of class time.  Lab access is granted when students are enrolled in a class, or by review of lab administrators, on a case-by-case basis.  To request access for a project, fill out and submit the following form.

Scheduling events
The Robotics Lab is used for a variety of classes and meetings.  The lab is closed to students during these events.  A calendar of events for AT-229 is posted on our Calendar page.  If you would like to schedule an event in AT-229, please fill out the following form, at least 1 week in advance.